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Shary Raske - Career Strategist

Shary Raske, Career Strategist at Courageous Change Consulting offers custom-designed STRATEGIC CAREER ADVISING SERVICES nationwide. Disruptions happen. Take charge of your career. Thousands of career changers have hired Shary for career direction and clarity. Once you discover who you are, you no longer live within self-imposed walls.

"If you think about it how can anyone attract what they really want to do, if they don’t really know who they are? – Mike Garavalia - happy client"
Answer this quick career assessment.

1. Do you want to be happier at work?
2. Do you want to make more money?
3. Are you anticipating a lay-off?
4. Are you exiting from the military soon?
5. Have you tried everything and are not getting offers?
6. Are you stuck in a wrong-fit job?
7. Are you getting passed up for promotions and don’t know why?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, isn’t it time to get the answers you need?

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Shary Raske - Courageous Change


  1. Soul searching and recognizing possibilities
  2. Exploring, learning, and narrowing options
  3. Determining risk, obstacles, and market availability
  4. Deciding to move toward your goal
  5. Building credibility and momentum
  6. Making the change
  7. Celebrating!