List of topics for Our 2018 meetings

As you have time please send me a list of topic’s you would like to see covered in 2018
• How do you backup and restore your personal network?
• Branding your business?
• Effective Business Apps?
• How are you using social media to enhance your business?
• What changes would you like to see on ?
• Do you know of someone that we could enlist to be a guest speaker?
• How do you track all of your client’s electronically?
• Do you send out a newsletter?
• Do you sell your products online?
• What kind of rate on sales do you get with your credit card processing firm – less than 2.5%?
• What kind of accounting software do you use to track your business?
• What are the keywords you associate with your business?
• Database management systems – collecting client information
• Financial Statement – Mike Griffin CPA
• Advantages of LLC, C-Corp., Etc.
• Using the Square, PayPal, Credit Collection Equipment
• How do you protect your computer from Viruses, Malware, ransomware